by Fainting Spells

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released August 22, 2019

Music by Brandon, James, and Curtis
Produced by Eric Leavell at Husk Recording
Drum tech: Steve Seal
Sampling by Chris Robertson


all rights reserved



Fainting Spells Portland, Oregon

A three piece from Portland, OR that brings its members vulnerabilities, mistakes, successes, friendships, pasts, presents and parables of navigating through it all into each song as best they can to create what they love to share.

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Track Name: Mondays ain't so bad
Yesterday I walked into a shed full of snakes
With a drink in my hand and said “GOD DAMN! it’s a good day!”
There’s no more waiting, the sky is shaking.
I toss all my thoughts in a bag and I’ll be on my way!

Can you believe these poisons rot the meat right off our bones?
It’s so delightful!
It’s so disgusting!
As ugly on the inside as out? we really try to be...

A pile of dust atop mountain of cans.
Can someone tie me off? I can barely even stand.
Lets siphon some gas out of your neighbors car
and guzzle it down to help forget who we are.

I don't want to stop until it all falls down.
I’d like to burn some bridges but I can't find one.
Maybe when we’re done, I’ll blow my brains out?
But not because I’m sad, cause it just sounds fun!

Today I found a rock and jammed it in my skull,
Hoping answers spilled out and could make me feel full for once.
I’d give my life to know.

Everything I do or I don’t
I will or won’t
Couldn’t see it coming

Maybe I would’ve, could’ve, or should’ve..
That’s all I might as well be.

So bleak
Couldn’t taste it.
So weak
Never taste it.

Tomorrow we can try again.
Track Name: Headlines
Oh, these grey skies? they’re fine.
In a few more months we can forget what we want in the sun.
No one dies in the summer,
Everything’s not crumbling.

Try to find a way to explain to my peers
You can never go back to a place that was lost.
Your ego made you walk home alone
And the doors were locked.

Keep pushing away your sorry memories.
Wading waters weathered by all.
We sit and wait through the bends and we break
Apart nothing we’ve learned for our fall.

You can never again control what you don’t know.

We say we’ve seen nothing

Our subconscious ideation
Becomes the hound of our gloom!
It never comes when called by name
But it never leaves the room.

We say we’ve seen nothing at all.
Track Name: Sixty Bones
Just a scratch in the palm of my hand,
In open flesh.
This? My gift to you!
You can say thank you, but you don’t have to.

There’s a call to my sheets,
Studying the Hague
In unconscious fits of rage.
You can say thank you, but you don’t have to.

“Please can you help me?” I said to my body.
I said it out loud… “it’s them you should think about.”
“Please can you help me?”
“It’s them you should think about.”ł

It’s just a scratch…
You can say thank you, but you don’t have to.

This is gonna slow your heart just short.
Track Name: You're so vain
Suddenly in a daze.

Empty Promises
To myself, and to what end?
Never shy away
just say what you have to say.

Blood from my teeth in a dream.
Oh, sans sleep.

Solace? Loneliness?
Embrace the fear!
It’s all so strange, this bed that I’ve made.

And now?
We’ll see how it goes.
Just call it impasse,
Simply an end.

Blood from my teeth in a dream.
Oh, sans sleep.

Back into a hole in my head.
Climbing the walls,
Pissing in your bed.

A sarcastic dream
Describing well… nothing.

The selfish always die alone and you can never go back home.

Photographs in strips and those highlights on your lips.

I can see a person here
Never relating, always mistaking.
This can’t be me.

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